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"The dirty little secret

"The dirty little secret is--having the purist anarchists and libertarians here attacking Rand Paul for not being worthy of a or LewRockwell blog post, is ultimately going to help him with the normal voters...ouch, I know..."

See, THIS is why, as much as I would really like to like Rand Paul, in the end, I hate his guts, because he takes otherwise intelligent and idealistic lovers of liberty and turns them into sniveling, compromising, retards that sound no different from Obamanoids. "Win, win, win!! Even if it means we throw the Iranian children into the furnace, bwahaha, we're gonna win. To Hell with all those "purists" at LRC and Mises, hell, to hell with Dr Ron Paul himself if he can't get on board the winner train..."

It's fucking depressing.