Comment: The credit cards are all maxed out.

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The credit cards are all maxed out.

The DHS, TSA, etc. are buying every bullet they can get their hands on. Our tax dollars are being used to pay for this by the way.

This administration ordered a stand down in Benghazi allowing deaths and the theft of weapons for our alleged enemies. (The same group that miraculously took out building 7)

We now have a law that allows this same insane regime to "detain" or "kill" anyone it wants. Patriots?

We have a taxing enforcement organization that targets those who do not support this regime while again using tax dollars to do it.

We are borrowing against our children's' tax future to pay for wars all over the world.

We have a government that spies on anyone it wants and can use that information to manipulate anyone.

I say it's time to get emotional, loud!

Will someone please pay ME for fighting this full time? I don't have the time or desire to develop my own radio show.