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I haven't considered

myself a "Rand hater" by any means. I think he's been a mostly terrific senator, although each time I began to build more enthusiasm about him he'll do or say something that kills it. His latest comment that he has no sympathy for Pvt Manning, a man who exposed war crimes and was then tortured, and then Rand saying that Snowden too should be behind bars I found utterly disgusting, and perfectly in line with the neocon establishment, still it doesn't cause me to hate him, just his philosophy. I much prefer Gary Johnson who I've never caught in a lie (like Rand) or shamelessly pander (like Rand does). I hope you're right about him wanting to end the fed, and that he continues that fight with a full audit. I'd also like to see him follow Dennis Kucinich's lead (a good friend and supporter of his fathers) to also end the NSA.