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Comment: I love your last paragragh,

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I love your last paragragh,

I love your last paragragh, dude you are being conned. You talk about those evil power hungry big oil, first off they will never control the world energy market, in fact they are actually chump change in that market, the ones controlled by several foreign governments dwarf them.

If you think exxon and shell etc are stupid and somehow won't be involved with what ever ideas in energry are out they will be involved in wind or solar or whatever it may be still makeing a profit to your maddening contempt even if oil was gone tommorow.

You have no idea the potential money that is would come about if the groups pushing this crap through would be trying to make, it would make the oil companies look like a toy. There is huge massive financial incentive to try and scare your little ass pantless to get you to cough up your dough, they don't even have to provide you with any thing other than your own fear. Trying to regulate CO2 one of the most common gasses out their are you mad(and yes I mean insane not upset)