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Comment: You're the naive one

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You're the naive one

You obviously don't know the first thing about any of this, do you? Sure, big energy WANTS to control all future energy but they're fighting a losing battle unless the likes of you deniers keep them propped up.

They WANT to control PV and wind and they've done a great job so far. But those aren't the big winners and they know this. This is why you aren't hearing anything about the real renewable winners in the media. Those systems are not as controllable because they're much more efficient and they're distributed (owned by the home owner). This would mean an end to their oligopoly and they are fighting that the whole way.

Promoting climate change doesn't help their cause because it pushes more people to renewables and it just might bring the new tech to the market that much sooner. They could care less about things like the carbon tax otherwise because they'll just ramp up their entire business model and pass it on to the customer.

The NWO, however, does want the carbon tax as you suggest because it will definitely bring in a whole new bubble of income for them. And we all know that will translate into a global governance as well. However, you're missing the who benefits question.

By denying climate change, you're postponing the adoption of renewables that reduce it. By doing that, you're giving the carbon tax groups justification to keep pushing that crap. If you would promote more renewables and actually begin lowering CO2, they would not be able to sell their tax to the people and we would not only pay less there, we would pay less for our energy because it was no longer monopolized.

Was that clear enough to understand?