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Comment: Here's what YOU posted:

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Here's what YOU posted:

"We are still ignored among RepubliCANs,"

NO, WE ARE NOT!!! You made a false statement.

I do not employ false statements. That is not to say that I am always correct. I am willing to be corrected. As a REPUBLICAN, I am NOT being ignored, and they are WELL AWARE I am a Ron Paul ERepublican.. That is how I ran my campaign.

I do not avoid questions. I answered your questions and noticed, you didn't answer mine. Now you accuse me of making false statements.. no I didn't.

Since I worked with Ralph Nader since 1992, I'm WELL AWARE of the "republicrat" slang. It's a name that could suit YOU, "Mr. working both parties operator".

Parties don't have beliefs, people do. Parties have platforms.

Do you have a politcal trust set up? Can you show me or are you operating illegally?