Comment: No question this is of grave concern

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No question this is of grave concern

The only peaceful solution that comes to mind is if we get a large group of people together to maybe speak w the police chief in person. Or a smaller group backed by a bunch of people who signed a petition or something like that. We'd have to have an "airing of grievances" to every single police chief who allows this thuggery to go on.

I actually kind of like this idea. There are many police chiefs that would have to be talked to. A police officer is NOT acting within the law to arrest people for "not obeying what I tell you" when what they tell someone is something unconstitutional. And arresting and/or roughing innocent citizens up based on this should mean firings and civil penalties (depending on the severity). And I'm not talking about taxpayers picking up the penalties. These officers need to pay the penalties themselves.

Also amongst the demands should be that citizens have the right to ask what law they're breaking when asked by an officer to do something. And they should also be told in advance what the officer's next move is. For example "if you don't do X then my next step will be to arrest you. If you resist that arrest then I might tase you". But again "X" had better be a legitimate and constitutional law. Also citizens should be allowed to talk to officers without the officer treating a question (eg "what law am I breaking?") as a threat