Comment: Rarely paid-in-full. Oft late "restructured" (extend &.pretend).

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Rarely paid-in-full. Oft late "restructured" (extend &.pretend).

Brazil and Argentina have paid in full — and earlier than [No "early" payment found. Do you mean: following "restructure," budget deficit, national debt default, economic collapse... ?] expected—their entire outstanding obligations to the IMF amounting to $15.46 billion and $9.6 billion, respectively. IMF Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato welcomed the December 13 and 15 decisions.

Brazil’s decision, de Rato said, reflects the growing strength of the country’s external position, “especially continuing substantial trade and current account surpluses and strong capital inflows that have greatly boosted reserves and reduced
external debt.” More fundamentally, de Rato added, “the
excellent track record of policy management by the Brazilian
authorities has provided the basis for the consolidation of
market confidence, the sustained improvement of macroeconomic performance, and an improvement in the profile of
domestic as well as external debt.”

The decision made by Argentina’s authorities, de Rato said,
“reflects their confidence that their external position is sufficiently strong to warrant early repayment.”

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