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Russia needs Assad to stay in power

Israel had no problem with Assad. Israel said Assaud was duly elected by the Syrian people and they totrally respected that and fely NO threat by Assad, though he was good. Israel has stayed OUT of the conflict, except they did bomb a shipment of weapons sent by Russia.

What I think has happened in Syria is that it is a Civil War.. Syria has been SOVREIGN.. Assad began signing UN treaties to comply with Islamic and Communist regimes, that democratically control the majority in the UN. The UN is in Syria.. now. So the Syrians who didn't want a UN Agenda are rebelling (US is about to embark on the same path, When Obama signs UN gun treaty ban, you think Americans are going to willingly have their homes searched, arms confiscated, removed from rural properties?) NATO is UN arms.

So when Assad signed the UN treaty, the Syrians who LOVED freedom, rebelled. They go to the UN becasue they have no where else to go. Russia is shipping weapons to Assade to comply with hte UN Agenda, cull your population and you do that by letting them kill each other. If course the Syrian government is going to win.. Russia is backing them.. and I believe those chemical weapons were Russian, they have the most to gain.