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Yes. A troll

I'm curious, do you intend to visit Manning in prison? Send him cookies? Where is your criminal act, I mean act of "civil disobedience", following his great example?

Where's your's? I get the feeling you are trolling. You're looking to get a rise out of people.

You people (collectivist statement) cheering Manning, you're all cowards and hypocrites(Sweeping Generalization). You talk a big game but I don't see any of you actually doing anything. Shouldn't you be spray painting the IRS building or something?

I don't think spray painting government buildings is a good means of spreading the message of liberty. It might be attention grabbing, but an excuse for the msm to associate the rest of us with "vandals".

And that's what's truly funny about all this. When stuff truly does cross that line in the sand you'll all be begging the veterans to take up arms and save your whiny butts.

Another collectivist and sweeping statement...

A troll? What is the point of comments if not to opine? I'm asking a legitimate question. You cheer manning on the internet, but what are you going to actually do? I don't see any of you putting your money where your mouths are.

You are not adding anything to the conversation except trolling. You are not really "opining". You're playing the role of an anti-Manning attack dog. "All you people who blah blah are blah blah! What are you actually going to do, blah blah." Why don't you tell us what you WANT us to do, because you ask a very broad question...

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