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My goal on DP is to get educated

I share what I know, am downvoted to oblivion, because many here do not want to learn or have others educated.. they want to discredit.. that's fine with me. I KNOW my truth.. and my job, is to take what I learn, write it into actions on the committee, By-Laws, TO prepare, and provide the registered GOP voters the means to act legally, which includes disolving the committee if I need to.

right now, I've got a team on the property making sure this property is 100% fire compliant (neighbor just got dinged $35K.. had a team working for two weeks taking out trees, healthy trees).. and I know, what's coming.. I expect more inspections, I expect to be told to cull my flock, I expect a search of the property for arms, records, the worst, and it's not good, but I have hope.. being prepared might buy me some time to live in relative peace a couple of years. That's about it. One day at a time.