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Sarcasm aside, your ignorance shows

exactly how complex this issue is and that it cannot be handled by simple minds.

By 'killing a bunch of animals', you'd be hurting the situation, not helping it. People flippantly assume that animals produce more CO2 than they use up but they fail to consider the entire chain of events. If you take some desolate, half dead prairie land and put a large herd of buffalo on it, you don't get more CO2, you get less. Those animals fertilize the ground and make the grass grow more and then they stampede a bunch of it into the dirt before it's rotted (rotting emits methane). This means that many times more methane than the animal produces is actually captured in the grass and buried underground. In short, it's a carbon negative process. Same thing with prairie herded cattle, but the industrial complex makes more money from centralized herds that are very carbon positive.

So, once again, you sheep have allowed the media to persuade you into believing the issue is something completely different than it really is. Sound familiar?

I get to ask you now, Do you want to fix the issue or keep screwing things up (like the economy, the environment and the ecology) by arguing things of which you know nothing about?