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If a police officer shoots

If a police officer shoots and kills a kid with a toy gun in the course of duty, is that murder? No, it's a tragic accident, brought together by a whole bunch of different things. The officer walks around on constant edge because of our modern culture. There are gangs running around shooting cops. They are fearful for their own lives. The kid is taught to disrespect the police and other forms of authority. A lot of "wrongs" can be pointed at that led to the incident, none of them the fault of the officer. He's doing the best he can in a sorry situation.

This tripe about empires rising and falling. Ok, great, what does that have to do with the fact than Manning didn't "expose" any crimes?

You bring up slavery, again, what does this have to do with anything? You're making my point for me. Was it "wrong" for the American settlers to push against the native Americans? Not just no, but HELL NO. This is how the world turns, son. You plant your flag and you defend it with your blood. The native americans had no more "right" to that land than anybody else on the face of the earth. If my options are live as a slave to the British King or conquer the American frontier, I choose conquer the frontier. The indians could have happily shared the land, and some of them did, but most didn't. They were a savage, ignorant, war-like people spread out among hundreds of different tribes that constantly fought among themselves. They didn't play nice with their white neighbors, so they got beat down. Boo hoo.

You talk about slaves, again a different subject, and one where the context is distorted. The modern perception of slavery is not really how things were. I'm not saying it was a good thing, not saying bad things didn't happen, I'm just saying you have to put things in the proper context. Not all cultures are the same. Slavery is in the bible. There are prophets of old who were supposedly near-perfect men who had slaves. In the context of our modern American culture slavery is an evil comparable with Hitler, in the context of the 1700s and 1800s though that's not how things were. The fact that some of the founders had some slaves doesn't bother me in the slightest. There are plenty of "free" people today who exist in far worse circumstances than slaves back then.

"Free men have a fundamental duty and obligation to recognize the difference between an unjust war of aggression and a war of self defense"

What is this self-righteous banter supposed to mean? Take a moment and look around - not very many people agree with you. Show me a combat veteran who thinks Manning is a hero. The only people cheering him are people like you, kids on the internet that have no grasp on the real world in which we live. Just like Manning, you have zero regard for or comprehension of the potential consequences of what he did. Should police officers only enforce the laws they personally agree with? When you signup for the military you are agreeing to do your country's bidding, not only when you "agree" with it. And as for whether the war is just, well, much debate can be had there. It's not a black and white thing.