Comment: I love how people vote down

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I love how people vote down

I love how people vote down my comments but things are suspiciously quiet. Pretty simple guys. You say the war is "illegal." Ok, where's your proof? Congress authorized military action in Afghanistan with SJ Resolution 23. The only "nay" vote was Barbara Lee. Ron Paul voted Yes! Iraq was authorized with HJ Resolution 114. There were quite a few nay votes to this one, but it nonetheless passed.

Congress authorized both wars - period.

Some of you would then say, "they didn't declare war." Uh huh, well what does that mean? Congress authorized the war, is that not a declaration? Oh, you don't like the format of the declaration? Ok, well perhaps you can show me where the Constitution specifies a particular format? Yeah, it doesn't. Moreover, what is the historical precedent? There were TWO, that's right, 2, wars fought against the Barbary Pirates. The first war was led by Thomas Jefferson, the second by James Madison. So right here we've got the author of the Declaration of Independence and the author of the Constitution both declaring war and sending men off to a foreign land to fight and kill people. So did Congress declare war in either of these cases? Nope, Congress didn't, the president did. There was no "declaration of war" in any particular format voted on by Congress. Congress didn't vote on it at all actually, in both cases the President acted unilaterally. So in that sense, Bush actually went further than he needed to. With regards to Afghanistan, he didn't need Congress' permission to start a war. Despite this, he got Congress' permission.

Constitutionally, you have no argument.

Disagree with the war all you want, but do it intelligently. When you call the war "illegal" and soldiers "murders" you make a fool of yourself and scare people who otherwise agree with you off - like me. I would stand right next to you in the booth and vote to bring all the troops home today. But because of what you say, I want nothing to do with you and this is why Ron Paul lost, because he surrounded himself with nut jobs.