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Yes, I do

I have no idea why you loved Israel.

I have studied zionism and realize there are several types.

I believe those who call themselves "Jews" are Jews, and it is not my place to judge another's reality. I believe Orthodox Jews are as Jewish as any self identified Jew. I do not believe Othordox makes them more Jewish anymore than Othodox Catholic is more catholic than Roman Catholic.

Israel refused to sign the UN Agenda. It is the only state in the World. UN Agenda is democratically controlled by communist and Islamic nations: Sustainable development = population control.

The othodox Jew is very simular to apocolypic believing Christians, they will the end of times for the Messiah to appear/return.

The Messiah's return is not why I support Israel's right to exist. I do not will any end of times. I believe people belong on Earth, are part of the Earth and I do not believe in over population. I believe greed, crime, corruption, murder, war, theft needs to end, by, for, an of people, who LOVE people, and the planet we all share.