Comment: The warming seas are caused

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The warming seas are caused

The warming seas are caused by a more intense sun. The heat from a stronger sun penetrates hundereds of feet into the water, whereas a warmer atmosphere caused by green house gases only warms the immediate surface of the oceans.

One can demostrate this very easily. Put 2 clear glass 5 gallon bottles of water, starting with the water at the same temperature, outside next to each other, except...put one in direct sunlight, shade the other bottle. Monitor the temperature of each bottle, and it is easily seen the one in the sun will warm MUCH faster, even though the air temp surrounding both bottles is equal.

Oceanic warming is due ENTIRELY to a warmer sun. Warming by air would take many many times longer, likely hundreds of years. This hockey stick graph is actually showing that temps are not rising from air, but from the Sun. If it were rising from increased air tempts the rise would be far more gradual.

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