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I wonder how many people you know

who haven't "bought" into the high tech gadgetry "must have" of the moment? No GPS systems in anything, no "smart" anythings from meters, phones. tv, fridges, and countless other things that "think" for us?
No queuing for hours for "Bagins" and then go home and watch people being trampled, injured, and killed like a sick parody of the Hunger Games,that masquerades as news?
These people heeded the warnings for years. Would you trust YOUR government to have full control of your car at anytime for any reason?
My beef is that people can't see that the whole Snowden saga is pushing us closer to UN control of the Internet,Russia is calling for that now.
And that we are being herded to fore fill an Extreme Left Agenda.
The detainment of Mr Greenwalds partner is a transparent stunt...and now the personalities are bigger than the "story"...nothing is sexier in the media, at the moment than "gay". Coincidence? It is the IT trend of the time. Again.
Rachel Medow's Angry Young Man on one side, and Mr Greenwald, Hissy Missy on the other.
My beef is that too many people are buying into it, instead of following the money, and the people who film, fund, and control the Mega corporations and legal firms involved in a massive diplomatic spat that looks like it was well planned in advance.