Comment: Try reading the words, and not interjecting your own.

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Try reading the words, and not interjecting your own.

He did not contradict in the first two examples you gave.

In the first case, he speaks of "natural born condition" and in the second he speaks of "citizenship status which IS a subject of law."

The term "natural born citizen" means without respect to what any law says - it has to do with what is natural, not man made, that is, what is the nature of the birth?

If a law speaks on the subject of citizenship, it is always the case of "naturalization" which is to make someone a citizen who otherwise is not, they are not, because of the nature of their birth - they are not natural born citizens.

The fact that the law says awarding naturalized status is "automatic" and even considered to be in effect "at birth" does not make the FACTS of the NATURE of the birth to be different. In fact, if you are relying on a law to be a citizen, by definition, you are NOT natural born.

He spoke in very plain English, it is you who didn't read it correctly.