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You obviously don't

You obviously don't understand comprehension as I never said anything that you are claiming I am in your comment. The subject is the persons(plural) who qualify as Natural Born Citizens. It is not nor have I ever claimed the subject as Natural born Citizen, that is an objectifier that explains the subject of persons.

If they wanted it as you exclaimed they would have put a person(singular) and not persons(plural). They are describing a group of individuals not a single individual. And this part changes the second part of parents(plural)

Yours has got to be the worst attempt at trying to keep to a dogma and not except the fallacy in your English argument that I've ever seen.

If you are going to supply facts as you call them and go into the grammar of said facts to try and prove your point, you need to have your grammar down pat and not have a hole in your argument the size of the grand canyon that any leftest Obama worshipper could drive a cruise liner through.

Just because you want so badly for it to be true that Obama isn't a natural born citizen doesn't make your argument right. Obama sucks as a President and I would love to get rid of him, but you will keep looking like fools if you keep marching down this line in a vain attempt to extricate him. And keep wondering why none of the judges on the cases end up agreeing with you.