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You weren't just repeating my

You weren't just repeating my ideas back to me, you were adding your own degrading spin to it as well. And yes, I'm pretty sure you had a dash of sarcasm in there as well, ex: "pure genius!", "Zippy", "magical trick"...pretty much the whole thing.

"Things will change when people wake up from their illusions and simply disobey and stop cooperating with government thugs. Treat them like the parasites and criminals that that they are."
-i can completely agree with the first sentence, but the second I have issues with.

Lots of things have changed. It's taken a while for the USA to degrade to this point, it's not going to fix itself overnight. Sounds like you use to be a fighter...but have since given up.

You quote Gandhi on one hand and on the other imply it's useless to do/try anything. How can you be the change you want to see and not do anything?

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.