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Corbett Report

Actually tremendous progress is being made right now. It began just before the internet. Then the information singularity emerged and we see the light. They are planning a big event just as they always have. But "there are other forces at work besides the will of evil." And just because they have an enormous web of technology and spyware doesn't mean that they have control. Nor are they likely ever to have control.

Despite a trillion dollars spent on prohibition the free market continues unabated. Despite the untold wealth spent on wars and the prosecution of truth tellers here we are unabated. Yeah they might take a few of us but there are ten more behind just iching and scratching to take up the mantle. Besides if you look at facebook you see a society just delighting in self expression and honesty regardless of the consequences. This is the future, not the past.

What is more is that what they have intended is likely so horrific that finding people willing to go along with it is likely almost impossible. Machines might do the work that people are unwilling to do but the spirit of freedom will remain. Try as they might being in the open is a compromising position for them.

If you review history you might find that we are, in fact, already the new world order. The United States is the military wing of it. These facts are self evident. The problem is that, like Dr. Paul said, it doesn't work. No system based upon lies and deception is firm enough to stand forever. I find myself wondering if the beast has already been in charge for the thousand year reign and is on its way out. Considering the absolute tyranny and oppression over the last millennium this would seem more like the real story rather than not. What do you think?

P.S. Check out the Corbett Report on Youtube. His 100th and 273rd episodes take stock of just why he thinks that we are winning. It may surprise you...