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My opinion

which is nothing more that, an opinion -

1) If you don't hold it, you don't own it. IF you are going to get into precious metals, buy actual physical. "paper gold" and "paper silver" is a fools game

2) Figure out if you're doing it as an investor, or as a preservation of wealth. Investors care about paper prices. Stackers care about preservation of wealth over the long haul. If you're simply an investor, gold and silver are probably a BAD place to do that as the markets can be very volatile and are assumed by most to be HIGHLY manipulated by several big players.

3) Gold vs Silver? I say, both. Gold when you can, silver on a weekly or monthly basis (for me). Because of where the gold to silver ratio is now, I can buy a LOT more silver for the same amount of fiat at the moment. If the gold to silver ratio comes down a lot, it will make more sense to sell the silver and convert to gold. Over the long run, diversification is good. Silver currently has more uses (medical, electrical, industrial) than gold, due to price. It's not like it's going to become not useful. In reality, most people probably stack silver more than gold largely due to cost. I can buy multiple ounces of silver every few weeks, or wait a couple months to save up enough to buy one ounce of gold. I'd rather take the physical today, rather than gamble on the cost to get physical gold in 2-3 months (and risk there being another shortage).