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Bribed by you then?

I was still in the LP when I was an undergrad at ULaLa, and I recall our meetings, which had very few people, and the big question was: "Who's the narc?" I doubt the LP has progressed, just as there was, as usual, a REPUBLICAN in the innitials of GJ (who appears to be ready to run as a LP again) take another LP nomination. Seems if there is any change, the LP has moved hard LEFT, nary a conservative minded person standing.

I have made it very clear here on DP that I find the Libertarian Party guilty of taking Ron Paul message for their agenda to spoil his rEVOLution, in the name of a Liberty Movement. A Liberty Movment, that has more in common with a globalist agenda than restoring the Republic. Rather than actually support Ron Paul and take the GOP, which was a fight for everyone who joined, those who would not be warriors for peace, voted for another Republican in a party that has never gone anywhere (and why there was such an exodous when Nader ran to open ballot access and debates).

Political laws are changing, HUGE. For those of us who remain in the GOP, the amount of materials and information is no less than amazing. While we struggle to understand, we have the onous responsibility to educate our committees. And if this was not difficult enough, to see Ron Paul supporters bail in the arena (GOP) that Ron Paul and Rand Paul have made a stand, is worse than sad, because what you stand for, is doing what the likes of Karl Rove could not do without you, but undermine our work, with fluff, because you will NOT win, you will only empower Rove (and Clinton), while you hurt those who did not quit, like you did, and Mr. Herford has.

Why didn't Mr Hereford sue the person who injured him? Why make it a LAGOP?

I hope to hear more about that, and what you and Mr. Hereford are doing now that you have abandoned the rEVOLution to embark on a Liberty Movement, promoting another Republican.

Thank you for your post and I sincerely hope, Mr Hereford has healed well and is feeling better than ever.