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WC as in gen. WC, bought the patent for magnetic wheels, for stealth transportation, and then tried to seel it to the MIC. When they didn't buy at an extrmely high price, he shevled it.. he didn't even bother trying to put it on the public market.. he was SO PISSED he didn't get his bid, he became a "shit blower", telling information against those who said NO.. sio he acts likes he's for peace, but he's actually miffed he never got HIS MONEY.

Iran is close enough to Russia and China there was a pipeline, which is why Russia was in Afghanistan (the drugs were the second reason). And yes, Russia wants that port, and Israel doesn't care, as lng as they stay away from Israel.. or want to buy Israeli gas, and if not, they really don't care becasue Israel is advancing off oil with amazing energy alternatives.. another reason I love Israel, they are light years a head of us.