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Comment: well, I tried to be on the 'down-low' about the issue, due to

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well, I tried to be on the 'down-low' about the issue, due to

the nature of Google-Analytics/word-pairing algorithms; the following is in reference to a recent Bow SMEAR/blurbs about the same, said upcoming RP speech at the Fatima Center:

Ron Paul: I Told You So; "Predictions in Due Time..." (IMHO, the Most Important Video EVER made about Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul)

There's a reason why a fake 'liberal' hack online rag the is out today smearing Doc's soon to be headlining event in Canada's Fatima Catholic center.

Not gonna give them the satisfaction of web-traffic, or the smear term they're trying to tie in Google algorithm, TO his good name; hint: the neoLibs/neoCons/RINOs are basically trying to do the equivalent of what Savage did to Rick Santorum with the term "Frothy," so that whenever anyone looks up "Ron Paul," google will 'auto-suggest/auto-complete' the search parameter with a few, very specific set of terms/words, whenever anyone types-in "Ron Paul."

These bastards are truly, truly evil.

That said, to all interested, please simply search for "Ron Paul + Fatima Center +" if you truly want to find out more: you can use their "view by ixQuick Proxy" if you don't want to give those scumbags any traffic.

Hilariously, RawStory is not hiding how serious they are, about pushing this agenda: when I first saw their smear story/hitpiece in the early AM today, it was only on their bottom sidebar (the newspaper equivalent of Page 6). Now, apparently, they want to push this meme so hard that they moved it to the main 'Top 3 Story of the Day'-picturebox!

LOL: you KNOW you're over the target when you're taking fire, this much, even after 'retirement.'

The bastards are starting really, really, early: anyone check the calender? Last I checked, it still says it's only 2013, right?

When, BOTH neoCons & neoLibs are attacking them, and the fact that they've ALREADY started the blatantly obvious, coordinated, "ENTIRE Paul Family = _________"-character assassination/smear campaign this early in prep for RP2016, it should tell all, under no uncertain terms that the Pauls, and the r3VOLution pose the greatest challenge and threat to the Empire & the Ruling Class, along with, to their sychophantic douchebags.

Sign of the Times: Brace yourselves, and stay vigilant, R3VOL!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul