Comment: what on earth are you talking about!?!???

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what on earth are you talking about!?!???

thermal storage? gas (vapor) vs liquid????

you make NO sense at all and I don't need to look ANYTHING up.
for every 2 gallons of rain that falls (per hour), over a TON of refrigeration occurs.
yes, this heat is moved mostly from the surface to the upper atmosphere.
the transport medium is latent heat of vaporization. it is not a thing, it is a process. latent heat is NOT hidden at all! you just cannot measure it with a thermometer. it is not sensible.

this is BASIC A/C dude. you are out of your league.
no, I am NOT going to discuss superheat or subcooling with you. it has to do with latent heat of vaporization, and you CLEARLY do NOT know what that is yet.
what do you THINK moves the heat in a heat pump?