Comment: You're making this "us vs

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You're making this "us vs

You're making this "us vs them"?! Really? Ok, well let's go there. Every year YOU DID compromise a little more for liberty. I wasn't alive, but YOU kept giving in and offering up more of your safety for liberty. So now YOU don't get to have everything instantly be good again. YOU have to take baby steps, or you won't get your way AT ALL and you can FUCK ME OVER EVEN MORE AND MAKE EVERYTHING KEEP GOING THE DIRECTION IT IS HEADED. Is that what you want?

I never "discovered" libertarianism. It was what made sense to me before anyone told me anything about politics. I was NEVER ok with them taking away my liberty in exchange for safety. I NEVER wanted to regulate peoples' morals. So don't point a finger at me, just because I want to take steps in the right direction, and say it was ME that wanted to give up our freedoms. That was most likely YOU and the rest of the current 'no-compromise' crowd.

Since YOU screwed it up for ME by compromising over and over we now have to get the other side to compromise. "Not compromising" is simply not an option. They WILL just give us more bad politicians otherwise. FUCKING DUH. We are a ridiculously small minority who is making small gains every time we compromise and major losses every time we refuse. LOOK AT THE DAMN EVIDENCE, PLEASE.