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Comment: How do you know?

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How do you know?

How do you know it's not true? It is. I'm the only one qualified to make that statement as absolute fact, since it included "to my knowledge". If you know of one that did not follow this pattern, feel free to share it.

Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari however all work this way.

Perhaps there is a way to further secure the browser despite it being open source, but I would wait quite a bit before I would trust such a browser.

Is there a particular reason you go around these boards, looking for my comments, and picking a fucking fight with me? Everything doesn't have to be a godsdamn duel to the death. It's a fucking discussion, cool your shit. Even if I was completely and utterly wrong there is no need for your pissing contest mentality. There's no fucking point to going back and forth saying "I'm right, no you're wrong". I provided some reasoning and logic to back my point, and didn't say it in a snobby and rude way, the least you could do is the same.