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just when I thought I couldn't laugh harder ...

It must be a strawman because this:

"Your comment stated some people do claim Jew is a race."

is radically and fundamentally different than:

"Nowhere did I say that jews are a race. I said "some jews identify as a race" ... You'll find that some jews do in fact check "other" and write in "jewish" on forms"

because it is a complete misrepresentation. (rolls eyes) To rephrase some jews who identify as a race they call "jewish" as some people claim Jew is a race is a complete misrepresentation because there is no sameness. (rolls eyes) It is a misrepresentation because of some reasonable semantic distinction between the use of the terms "jew," "jewish," and "Jew." (rolls eyes) If a strawman was erected you would be able to precisely articulate it by demonstrating intelligent life instead of being some asshat shill who just throws a term around they are unable to use.