Comment: Snowden psyop falling apart

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Snowden psyop falling apart

How much fail is involved in the latest story about Glenn Greenwald and his partner who had to spend a couple extra hours in an airport yesterday?

Let’s count, shall we?

Fail 1: Someone else’s leaks as Glenn’s weapon!

“I have many documents on England’s spy system. I think they will be sorry for what they did,” Glenn Greenwald, Aug 2013

Glenn Greenwald using someone else’s leaks as a weapon? As a bargaining chip? Is that what “Edward Snowden” wanted? Is that what Greenwald himself said 2 short months ago?

“Snowden himself was vehement from the start that we do engage in that journalistic process and we not gratuitously publish things… “I do know he was vehement about that. He was not trying to harm the U.S. government; he was trying to shine light on it.” Glenn Greenwald, June 2013

According to Glenn himself, “Snowden” just wanted to let the people know what was happening and completely rejected the notion of gratuitously publishing the leaks. But when Glenn’s 28 year-old boyfriend, David Miranda, was reportedly held up in British customs for 9 hours the other day, all bets are off and Glenn says the Brits will be “sorry” for doing that.

Now is that kind of behavior in line with the stated intentions of the person who supposedly sacrificed his life to inform the public?

Using the leaks as a weapon, a means to “get even” or even threaten the British government?

Does that even sound like a whistle-blower or does it sound like someone using information that was meant for the public to their own advantage?

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