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Unfortunately, this is no different than asking Lindsey Graham for a pardon. It ain't happening.

Obama hates Bradley Manning with a passion. He even publicly declared him 100% Guilty in the press years before any trial ever took place. He would be the last person in the World to ever grant a pardon to a Whistleblower.

Obama has spent the last 6 years persecuting Whistleblowers well beyond anything any previous President has ever done (or even considered doing) in U.S. History. He quite obviously hates any exposure of government wrongdoing, and especially exposure of any War Crimes (which he does not even regard as crimes to begin with).

Obama clearly cast his lot with the Torturers and the War Criminals, and backs them 100%. He even filed a Court Demand to assure that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice/etc. would never be subject to any prosecution for Torture.

Torturers and War Criminals have to free, and Whistleblowers have to be jailed in Obama's dirty World.