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Comment: That is simply NOT true.

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That is simply NOT true.

Just because you include "to your knowledge" does not give you the right to make shit up and call it fact.

Firefox, Safari are open source, there is no part of it that isn't. IE, Chrome are not open source.

Furthermore, there are no "hidden" parts that aren't open source. Security does not depend on secrecy.

"Is there a particular reason you go around these boards, looking for my comments, and picking a fucking fight with me?"

You start this by claiming someone telling the truth was "misleading", and then proceed to spout things you absolutely make up and expect to not get called out on it? You basically want the right to go around pissing on everyone else without having someone piss back? Not gonna happen.

You want to be treated with respect? Fact check your statements before stating that other people are wrong. As far as the disagreements between myself and you that tend to repeat themselves, it's because you apparently enjoy saying bullshit and calling it fact.

And lastly, you commented in my thread, not the other way around. And that was not the first time that you just made crap up in this thread. And I did not get "snotty" with you, I simply called you out on absolutely making crap up.

My comment would have been kinder to you had you not said that someone telling the absolute truth was being "misleading", when in fact you were the one just absolutely wrong.

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