Comment: I agree with Toobin

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I agree with Toobin

UK and USA are friends (to say the least about the relationship), it's international news that Greenwald has accepted classified documents from Snowden, that the USA wants to see what Greenwald has DUH!!, the laws in England are different, the USA does not feel it needs to protect Greenwald AT ALL, Greenwald is working for The Guardian, not the WSJ or an American paper.. how does Greenwald know it was the USA, maybe it was someone who was jealous at the Gaurdian who tipped off Healthrow about Miranda's flight? I'm SURE Grenwald KNOWS he's being watched and that Miranda is being watched. Geeze how the hell could he not know that?

So let me make this clear, the USA is NOT NOT happy with Greenwald, and to the USA/NSA, the classified documents Snowden gave to Greenwald ARE STOLEN, and the USA wants them back.

Who does not get that? The WHOLE WORLD KNOWS Who does not get that?

Greenwald is trapped. This is now going to become INTERNATIONAL LAW. which pushes the USA deeper into UN law, which is what I said Greenwald was all about in the first place.

To me, this whole POS has been a Snowjob.. what is Snowden doing now,, exactly what he was doing for NSA in a private company for Russia, which Greenwald admits, Snowden is NOT happy. I bet we have NO idea how unhappy..

the more I see, the more this is all becoming a Muppet movie