Comment: FISA Domestic Spying Loopholes

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FISA Domestic Spying Loopholes

I am going to relate to you a story of the BIGGEST loophole that exists, regarding 'foreign-based communications'. It began happening in spring 2008, just as I began getting involved in Ron Paul's bid for President.
The Windows OS I was using kept urging me to install an 'important update' regarding the CLOCK function of my computer. Naturally, i have my machine set to only 'notify' me, and I ignored this one, because my CLOCK was fine. it kept asking me to update several times in the next few months...
Quite by accident, I noticed that when I forwarded an email, and it was responded to, it came back to me with an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TIME-STAMP as the actual time that I had sent it (in reference to MY ORIGINAL time and date). In MY case (where I am in the CONUS), when I had sent an email at 8:00 PM MST, it was reflected that it was sent at 1:00 A.M. MST, THE NEXT DAY, five hours later than I sent it. i tracked this for several days, asking freinds to reply as a test, and every time, my emails came back showing a five-hour difference. They were stamped in 'GMT minus one', as opposed to 'GMT minus six'.
REMEMBER, this was when the 'FISA' renewal hearings were taking place, back then, and there were allegations AT THIS TIME that the NSA, etc, were intercepting internet and telephone traffic (the San Fransisco 'secret room' whistleblower was starting to make waves in Federal Court at this time).
I deduced that my internet emails were being sent to a location outside the United States, to a foreign location in the GMT minus one area, and then being reflected BACK to the CONUS for delivery, thus BYPASSING the FISA legal requirements. Shortly after i emailed several people with my screenshots and conclusions, I lost internet for almost 72 hours, and when i got it back, all my 'customized home pages' on ALL of my email accounts had been reset to ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA. Approximately 2 weeks later, they all reverted back to their original places (AOL took the longest, lasting over 3 weeks).

I thought you all might be interested in this first-hand experience.

Snowden's 'revelations' are simply a confirmation of what I have been well-aware of (and some others in the alternet arena) for several years. He was some GREAT details, though!