Comment: In A Perfect World,

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In A Perfect World,

In a perfect world, internet users would not have to rush around seeking to protect their privacy.
Of COURSE, internet users would do some 'due diligence' research and come to the understanding that the 'internet' that they THINK is 'open' is controlled and operated by the 'gatekeepers' who established it (back in the early 1970's); and therefore is subject to the whims of those 'gatekeepers'.

Your suggestion might be viable for a short period of time, but under sufficient pressure, the CODEX originator(s) will either be 'forced' to 'backdoor' the encryption codes, or be, in time, completely SHUT DOWN. Current examples include the 'encryption sites' that Snowden and Greenwald were using for communication. PAST examples include the attacks on WIKILEAKS. ONGOING examples include the removal of videos on 'YOUTUBE' by request of governments, citing 'third-party violations', and the shut-down of 'PRESS TV' (out of Iran) in many nations.

HOW, really, can one tell if the site you are leading to is NOT actually ANOTHER site, already in CONTROL of the 'gatekeepers'?

I trust your motives. Do not misunderstand me in this.

I wish you the best, and hope for the best, but I am not at this late date concerned. They already know about me.