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Please calm down and take a

Please calm down and take a moment to read your own articles. All of those articles essentially say the exact same thing, and that is, they say nothing. Yes, a laundry list of various points of information that was in the material he released... Yes, obviously, there was information in those documents. He didn't release blank pages. Duh. But, and this is the point, NONE OF IT WAS A CRIME.

And frankly, none of it was really all that secret either. He didn't release anything that was all that "revealing."

I especially laugh at your first link, which reads, "They also showed that the U.S. routinely failed to investigate reports of prisoner abuse and summary execution by the Iraqi military."

Oh, I thought you were a non-interventionist? You're complaining that the US military didn't force itself on Iraqi military prison policy? Yeah, so I thought that link "revealed" torture. I didn't see any mention of the US military engaging in widespread torture.

You don't seem to understand the material he released yourself. And that's where it gets interesting, Manning didn't really know what he was releasing either, and this is the point. He hadn't read those 700,000+ documents. He literally had no idea what he was releasing. And it was the same for the video. He watched the video and was "horrified". Yeah, he's not an Apache pilot. He never saw combat in any form. He doesn't understand ROEs or the situation on the ground in Iraq, he wasn't privy to all the intelligence that led to this incident. He was a no-knowledge PFC that had access to a computer system just like millions of other servicemen with the same security clearance level. And the fact that all this information was readily available to someone like Manning should say something... about the nature of the government, which in of itself argues against you.

Yeah, there are thousands of articles talking about the documents Manning released. SO WHAT? None of them - NONE OF THEM - reveal any crimes committed by ANYONE.

There are thousands of articles talking about Clinton getting a blow job too. And thousands of articles about Ron Paul being a nut case. Don't believe the opinions of every talking head on the internet.

Millions of people online disagree with me? Great, what percent of people in the USA have served in the military? And then what % of those have actually been to Afghanistan? And then what % of those have actually been in combat? Yeah, we're a pretty small group of people, the fact that a million nobodies surfing the web are horrified by an out-of-context video doesn't really bother me. Millions of people think 911 was an inside job. Millions of people thought the world was going to end in 2000, and then again in 2012. Millions of people think Obama is a Muslim. Millions of people think Ron Paul is a pot smoking, nazi-loving jew hater. Would you like to brag more about what people on the internet think?