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But in short: "natural" means at common law, which is to say that the person must be born on US soil AND have both parents be citizens AT THE TIME OF BIRTH.

Natural-born citizen = Born on US soil to 2 US citizen parents.

Citizen at birth by 14th Amendment = Born on US soil, where at least one parent is not a citizen.

Citizen at birth by act of Congress (naturalization) = Born outside US soil, but falling under a category or class of persons that Congress has granted US citizenship (such as child of US serviceman).

Naturalized citizen (also naturalization) = Born outside US soil, and applying to become a citizen when they are an adult.

Only the first category (natural-born citizen) is eligible to be president. All categories can hold any other office, including Vice President (but such a person must be natural-born citizen if he is to succeed to President).