Comment: I may be about to shock a lot of people on this thread

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I may be about to shock a lot of people on this thread

I may be about to shock a lot of people on this thread, but even though I consider myself having very little clue on what is actually (read: scientifically) the crux of the matter, I'd like to make a strong statement:

my intuition is whether or not human activities alone did impact significantly (or even, uncontrollably) the planet global heat...

... well, in the end, it doesn't matter as much as something else entirely, albeit with an impact on human condition at the scale of nations' populations heavily dependent on "it" (i.e., that very nature - God knows which - of the earth's heat "function").

And that is... human populations' freedoms.

Freedom to produce, consume, degrade, recycle. Freedom to grow or to diminish. Freedom to evolve or stabilize. And first and foremost! Freedom TO MOVE!

Do you take the latter for granted, these days? Well, I DO NOT. Not anymore. At this pace of human affairs (perpetual wars - aka WWIII)... its days are counted. And that scares the hell out of me. :(

Yes, because even if it would hypothetically turn out that "the global warming" (pseudo-)scientific** debate is a complete deception - again: hypothetically only, might just as well distract reason from the true threats, in a complete mistake - my (very personal) out of the box thinking tells me:

"Wait. Who cares, really, if that tends to go up or down, if, at the same time, the brutal force of government can concentrate further populations here or there at the will of perverted laws, just as it has started, already?"

I am not crazy enough to make the claim that there aren't things needing a most careful attention urgently, of course, but with a long term perspective in mind : what can possibly matter "the worst", including in regard to energy and global heat, when an Orwellian global state is already in place?

There might or might not be an elephant in the room. I believe we ought to not lose sight that there is a room, to begin with.


** I write "pseudo-" because from day 1 two (or three?) decades ago, it was mixed with politics and special interests. "Duh!"

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