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Seems to me, you are constantly labeling me and insinuating a have some motive.

I don't agree with you.. issues unite, take medical marijuana as an issue, for example. In 1994 when I collected over 10K signatures for that one issue, the range of people that united for that one issue developed into 56% of the voters in CA in '96. We're talking about tens of millions of people, many who didn't inhale, but felt that the laws were unjust.

Principles divide, for example, that the last election, I for example, did what Ron Paul asked, made me sick, but I joined the GOP in 2011, scared me to go, but I went to a committee meeting, and when I saw the GOP for what it was, a MSM facade, I kept going, and then it took me weeks of kncoking on doors to petition for ballot access as a Ron paul Republican, I qualified, and that had me sign loyalty OATHS, to the people who elected me, and then I became the NW team leader for Ron Paul's campaign, worked four counties, and placed third in the state of CA for the most contributions and votes for Ron Paul out of 53 counties. I drove to four polling places counting votes, I maxed out my contributions for Ron Paul, I spend more than that in gas, phone, mailing campaign materials, and when he lost, well, the phone calls from the campaign, the thank you letters really didn't help me not feel bad. And then finding out that I had to vote Romney.. to keep my seat, that oath I took.. because people here wanted a Ron Paul Republican representing them. So by my principles, I did not abandon the people who voted for me and helped me get that seat. They have a Ron Paul Republican, and now they have a Liberty Committee. For me, principles mean that you do what you say you are going to do, even when it hurts.

For others, who never joined to GOP, never tried to be a delegate, voted for another Republican because he put on a LP pin, they tell me that they have principles.. I don't see it. You took Ron Paul's message, you didn't back him or us because you didn't want to get dirty, and then you have no respect for me or what I do, but expect me to think you LOVE Ron Paul more than me?

We don't agree. I hope you understand why.