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Not Drunk!!!

Thank god. So he was murdered. Yes it was very suspicious but can we dispel some of the false facts?

1.) His car did not explode before the impact.

2.) Some quack "professor" at a San Diego university says he was traveling at 35mph. Totally wrong. Watch the video and do the math. After passing the camera he impacted the tree somewhere between one and two seconds. The tree is 235 feet from the camera. At one to two seconds that is a speed between 80 and 160mpg respectively.

3.) The engine was not found prior to the crash. It was actually found 175 feet after the crash. And yes engines and parts do depart the vehicle after high speed impacts.

4.) Cars just do not explode on impact. Youtube it. Yes they do.

5.) Witnesses said they saw the car explode before. No, a witness said he hear the car racing at top speed. Others witnesses said they HEARD an explosion.

I gave my summation in prior post. One his car was hacked, two he was running from someone, and three he fell off the wagon and was drunk and killed himself.

Well now it comes down to car hacking or him fearing for his life and running from someone and lost control of his car.

Oh and I almost forgot.

6.) Palm trees are incredibly dense and I would not expect a car to do well against one at any speed. They are also very resilient to fire.