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that first paragraph is one of the dumbest things I've ever read. I seriously lost brain cells just looking at that.

What's your standard for bloodiest wars? Top 5? Top 10? I can tell you this, the top two bloodiest wars (the World Wars, in case you couldn't figure that out) were headed up on every side by secular governments (in the case of the Nazis, also a weird pagan-themed cult of the state, the Soviets and Italians a normal cult of the state). The War for Southern Independence involved two secular combatants. Nearly every invasion by the British since the 1700s involved a secular government invading a disorganized primitive land.

And, of course, I can already see where you're going to go. You're going to bring up "TEH EVEHL MIDDEHL AYGES" and ramble about how EVIL they all were and how the EVIL church started all the wars.

BS and you know it. Were there religious wars? Oh, yes. A lot of them, however, were bull-crap disputes over territory, inheritance, succession, and all that crap. But, of course, you were going to argue that because there was EVIL ORGANIZED RELIGION present and active, it was by association the fault of EVIL ORGANIZED RELIGION, never mind stupid politics and stupid heads of state.

Same goes for the ancient Middle East. Here's the thing - historically, wars go something like this. Big Nation wants Little Nation's territory. Little Nation says no. Big Nation invades to get territory, and happens to also go "my gods are better than your gods!" And, of course, because they say that, you and your kind call it a "religious war" when in fact it was a king with a bloated ego who really wanted more territory, because territory = tax revenue.

Was this post really condescending? Yup, and I fully intended it. I can forgive ignorance easily, and your claim was NOT ignorance. It was a load of crap, you are fully aware it is a load of crap, and you insist on massaging actual history to fit your dishonest position.

Ignorance can be educated away, stupidity has to be exposed to get rid of it.