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Comment: Larry Yates

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Larry Yates

Our opponent is a Mr. Larry Yates. He is a former community organizer and member of CURE (Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation). If you do a google search on him, some pretty bizarre and downright crazy things come up.

He doesn't have much money, but has been running a surprisingly effective campaign.

He never says what he actually stands for, which is far left, big government stuff. He says his governing philosophy is 'Democracy and Respect for People,' but when pressed on what that actually means, he only says 'Its seems self explanatory to me.'

So he says all this nice stuff about listening to the community and world class constituent services, but never takes a stance on any issue. When pinned down, he has so far admitted he would have voted for the hugely expensive Transport Bill here in VA, which cost the incumbent we beat her job. He also opposes educational choice.

But as far as polls, one we saw had him down 55-45, but a recent poll had him ahead. I am unsure of the scientific validity of those poll, however.

Anyways, this Larry Yates character is making it seem like his 'independent' status as meaning he is a moderate, but in reality he is so far left he is not a part of the democratic party.