Comment: So when are you moving to Israel?

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So when are you moving to Israel?

If you believe in a homeland for the Jews, and that the Jews should return to Israel to fulfill a covenant with God that you keep mentioning, then when are you, a Jew, going to return to Israel to fulfill the covenant with God? You can go help the Israeli military murder Palestinian children and then tear down their homes and build settlements while you all sing Jewish folk songs.

Not one person here that takes sides with you has said one peep about you calling Palestinians Pallys ( I know, that's a term of affection) but I have no doubt that the first time someone else called you a kike, they would be all over it. Talk about things being one sided....

You really should try to stop hating Palestinians, Jed. They're welcome here just as much as you are. Israeli's are welcome here, too. I just ask that no one pretends to be from another country to hide the reason for their bias.