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You want a quantification of

You want a quantification of the potential risks for upchucking nearly a million classified documents with unknown contents? Does that really need to be explained?

Tell me, if you had a journal or any other private writings or communication, what would be the potential risk of someone deciding to put that all up on a web page?

The identity of intelligence officers? The identity of local nationals working with us? Information about military procedures and strategy, aiding insurgents? Not to mention also just the PR impact in recruiting more terrorists or insurgents. Also the impact of scaring people away from working with us. Don't work with the USA, some crazy gay infidel with a bully complex will leak your name all over the internet.

It is a well known fact that the Taliban has used the released information to hunt people down. There is one instance where the Taliban publicly declared that they killed a person because he was tied to information from Wikileaks.

Manning's negative impact will last for many years to come.

You want to quantify the potential impact of all that? Millions of people, countless millions affected directly or indirectly. The greatest problem we're having in Afghanistan is people choosing between Karzai's government and the Taliban. It's truly conceivable that Manning's behavior could be the difference between success and failure. I personally think that's giving Manning more credit than he deserves, but I happen to personally know that many side with the Taliban for fear of being burned by the US, and Manning/Wikileaks is the evidence they cite for this.