Comment: Ok, so we're now in agreement on current status.

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Ok, so we're now in agreement on current status.

So what do we do about it?

Your fear is that the GW regulation will get out of hand. I fully agree that it's definitely headed there. The difference is that I disagree that we can stop the political agenda. Just like ending the Fed, we. will. never. get. enough. people. behind. it. to. compete. with. the. Fed. Oh, sure. We'll make "progress" and we'll get more people on our side and we'll feel good and hold rallies and protests and get some token law passed, but they will always hold that swing vote up their sleeve. Why fight this way? They're just going to nickel and dime us to death until they gain total control and power anyway.

My belief is that if we can get off fossil fuel burning, then this political problem (not to mention most of the monetary, war, resource war and growth based problems) simply go away. If no one wanted oil anymore, how could they justify, even to themselves, going to war over Iran's oil?

So my question came down to cost. After researching this extensively, I found that the technical solutions exist and if used, they would be much, much cheaper... but they can't get done with the banks and energy experts stopping all investment into them. One only needs to ask why a bank or angel investor would agree to give money to a "known" risky venture like this. The answer is "only if it got good reviews by experts". So now ask yourself what "experts" would they go to? That answer is the energy companies that want nothing to do with a really game changing technology. Sure, they'll support PV and wind but that's because THEY WILL NEVER hurt their business at these kind of scales.

So, I promote those technologies by telling people that they are the solution to the GW problem (which they are). I don't promote them as a cost savings as much because many will take economies of scale to get that to become truth. Just look at the Tesla car line. First was $110k and very niche. Second one is just over half that at $62k and it's possibly the best overall car ever built. If people actually did the long term math, it's already cheaper if you kept it for a decade but it will get there for others soon too.

With all this in mind, I really hate when people use pseudo-science and half learned or half applied principles to argue that an issue as massively complex is as simple as a rock in the sun. That's just an arrogant insult to people who spent decades learning and know that they still have more to learn.