Comment: I never said HIV does not

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I never said HIV does not

I never said HIV does not exist. All I said was that it is not an exogenous virus. From the available evidence, HIV, whatever it is, seems to be an exosome, created from within stressed cells. The Perth Group does not say it does not exist. They just say there is no proof of existence as an exogenous retrovirus. And that it does not cause AIDS.

Regardless, there is still no proof that it has been isolated, which would prove its existence. Why don't YOU look up the standard definition of viral isolation. See for yourself that HIV has never been isolated. What that electron micrograph picture shows is simply something budding from a cell. To date, there has never been any picture of HIV isolated, meaning no proof of infectious virus. I have more to say, with references, but I have to get back to work. More later.