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You misunderstand.

I'm not quantifying anything. I'm calling you on your bullshit. Manning's documents did no harm to anyone except the government who didn't want this information released to the public for fear of the backlash from us.

And, just to be fair, if any names were included in the documents that Manning provided, I think it's logical to assume they're some how involved with them (and not in a positive way). So, personally, I could give two shits if some unfortunate end comes to them because what they were doing was wrong in the first place, which is why Manning revealed the documents originally.

If the government is doing something wrong, it's the responsibility of those with access to that wrong-doing to bring it to the public. If you dislike that, all you can do is wait for all the people trying to do a public service to be jailed and then you can live in your nanny-state in peace.