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Just one counter example

The 48'ers and their various progeny are zionist? They have infected the US government for almost 2 centuries and their goal is much different.

There are more factors at work that what you see looking through this one lens.

The Snowden affair demonstrates this pretty well. Or do you think he really did this on his own?

This is a power struggle. A struggle necessarily implies more than one actor.

In all cases, even if all the bad in the world is a result of zionist actors with zionist agenda, it's still counterproductive and useless to be on about it.

In addition to the tactical and PR reasons stated above, which are quite valid, because it doesn't matter what you say, you lay yourself open to easy discreditation as a racist. You will never be allowed to explain yourself, and even if you were, you would in fact would have difficulty doing so, as you do here.

But more importantly, focusing on actors won't solve anything. So long as the levers of power exist, someone will seize them. Having people focus on one boogieman, even if he's real,, and even if it works to destroy the boogieman, will just result in another boogieman.

So let's stipulate the zionist agenda is in fact the sole and only enemy we face. If we remove them but people still believe in the religion of statism they will just be in turn ruled by another cabal with another agenda, or maybe the same cabal in different guise.

Focusing on zionism is absolutely useless.

When I see people attacking some specific entity or group, I must always wonder, do they really want to free humanity? Or are they just looking to replace the rulers?