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Consider this ...

... what illness or disease can you think of that affects people differently depending on where they live?

Every disease or illness affects humans the same, biologically. Sure, some will have more damaging effects and some will be more ill. But the illness affects the individual based on biology, not based on geographic location.

Not so with "AIDS." In North America and Western Europe, the people who "get AIDS" are homosexual men and intravenous drug users. But in Africa, the people who "get AIDS" are heterosexuals (both men and women, equally) and the poor (barely enough to eat, they have no access to expensive drugs).

Why is this? Why would a disease or illness affect different people in different parts of the world?

It's because "AIDS" is a scam. It does not exist at all.

In North America and Western Europe, people have money to buy hardcore drugs. These drugs are extremely toxic to humans. They will eventually break down the immune system and these people become more susceptible to various diseases and illnesses. In addition, homosexual men use nitrate poppers in order to have anal sex (an unnatural act), and these poppers are extremely toxic drugs.

Plus, the wealthier countries are where AZT and other "anti-AIDS" drugs have been used, and these are also very toxic. AZT, far from being something to heal, actually cases death.

Magic Johnson "got AIDS" in 1994 or so. He started using AZT or other drugs and his health got worse. He suddenly stopped without explanation. He quit all drugs (rumor has it an alternative health doctor told him they were toxic). He is alive and well today, 20 years later.

People who use these "anti-AIDS" drugs die from the drugs, not their diseases (or, in addition to their diseases). People who quit these drugs generally survive.

A few years ago, BBC or some other British journalists (I forget) went to Africa to talk to AIDS patients. Guess what? They couldn't find any! They found tons of people who claimed they knew someone with AIDS, but they could not find any actual people. They went to hospitals where people were being treated for AIDS, but when they asked doctors, they found that none of the doctors had actually tested these people because they didn't have the resources to do so. They also did not keep any accurate records.

In Africa, it is not toxic drugs that damage the immune system. It is the general poor health conditions related to extreme poverty, plus there are no serious medical records kept or testing done because of a lack of resources (so, they really have no idea if these people "have AIDS" or not -- they make it up to get foreign money).

This is why American AIDS patients are homosexual men and IV drug users, while African AIDS patients are men and women who are poor. This is why "AIDS" affects different people differently in different parts of the world.

AIDS does not exist. It is a made-up scam to make money. No doubt, there are people involved in solving it that really believe it is real, but they are mistaken. There is no such thing as AIDS by itself. It ALWAYS is diagnosed along with a disease or illness (certain cancers, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc.) If the person lives in Africa, they will have one of the poverty diseases. If they live elsewhere, they will usually have something else. But they will never have "just AIDS" because it is not AIDS but the disease/illness itself that they have, and they got it because of a weak immune system, which was probably caused by drugs or the conditions of poverty.

HIV is a harmless retrovirus. It does not "cause AIDS," and even the man who first made that claim later admitted he never had any evidence for his theory.

The AIDS scare started when Reagan had a bunch of hard-core Christians in his administration who had power to put resources into anti-gay or anti-sex anything. Since then, it has become a cottage industry that is just a scam.