Comment: Biden?

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Interesting theory but Biden is such a loose cannon he'd be more likely to hurt the other dem candidates than help. He can't stay on-script. They keep him locked up for good reason.

I think Hillary will run virtually unopposed in the primary. The narrative will be about the first black president followed by the first woman president.

In response the GOP runs Condoleezza Rice.

No not really. But then who? Rand won't win over the neocons in spite of supporting the sanctions against Iran that Ron Paul called "literally an act of war." The GOP PTB won't ever be fully convinced that he's the kind of team player they want, and they'd rather lose with a team player than win with someone they can't control. I can't see Cruz or Christie or Jindal or Rubio or Jeb getting any serious traction, either, for various reasons.

So: Paul Ryan gets the GOP nomination, and picks Nikki Haley for his running mate.